Diane Silver
Calling for contra, square and other set dancing; couples dance and other social dances.
I can't believe this much fun is legal!
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Summer Soiree 2009 - by Dave Pokorney
Dance Calling
Contra & Square Dancing
for All Ages and Ability Levels

   What is contra dancing?

  • Picture the Grand Ball scenes like you've seen in period films such as Pride and Prejudice or Glory, where the dancers are lined up in long lines, across from each other. That's English Country Dancing, the predecessor of contra dancing.
  • Now, add moves like "swing your partner" and "do-si-do," like you did in Junior High School square dancing.
  • Set it to fabulous, high energy, live fiddle music, ala "Riverdance."
  • Finally, set the whole scene down in the middle of Woodstock, with a hip, groovy atmosphere, a bit a tie-dye, and hints of counter-culture attitude.

THAT's Contra Dancing!

  • A penchant for hot modern contras with a few fun squares provides a sizzling evening for experienced dance groups.

  • Careful attention to dancers' pace and progress, the ability to think on her feet, and clear, efficient teaching of higher-level dances ensures fun for everyone in mixed-level groups.

Hi-tech, low-tech -- whatever works! From the band, Anna's Bananas -- a gift from the Big Banana himself! (Bug Stomp 2004, photo by Bob Bennett).

something funny
  • Clear, kind teaching, great positive energy, and a spirit of community-building create a fun, low-risk atmosphere for beginning dancers to get up and give it a try. Contra dancing is a great activity for wedding receptions, conferences, retreats, etc.

  • Kids' dances: An outdoor educator in her professional life, Diane has logged literally hundreds of hours working with kids and is skilled in large-group management. Contra dancing is a great activity for school, scout, and camp groups.

  • Workshops: An easy-going, friendly teaching style and remarkable skill in breaking down moves and explaining dance in different ways for different learning styles.

  • Flexible calling style matches well with either New-England / Celtic or Old-Time style bands, and their derivatives.